Axial presses

Filling Device

Single/Multiple filling device

Single filling device

Stainless steel funnel with fill level monitor and hose with fill shoe.

Multiple filling device

Combined single filling device, adapted for multiple fill shoe: use of 2-5 different powders and dosing weights. Multiple layers can be pressed, so a colour gradient is possible for blanks. Powder is filled into the individual filling chambers through a valve system when needed. Due to special materials and extraction processes, mixing of the powder is not possible


Special fill shoe

Special fill shoe, for example with shaker rake or rotary rake.

Multiple versions can also be installed on one press and used according to the program. The filler axis is always controlled and driven by an electric cylinder or regulated hydraulic cylinder depending on the requirements. The following functions can be programmed for all fill shoes:

  • Profile filling
  • Underfilling
  • Overfilling
  • Suction filling
  • Flow filling
  • Shaker movement of the fill shoe