EasyISO presses

The presses in the EasyIso series are our most cost-effective cold isostatic presses designed exclusively with one pressure vessel. They are used in the production of parts with an even density distribution and long lengths. These presses are available ranging from simple manual unloading and filling to fully automated production lines. The basic press is equipped with a pressure vessel, pressure transmitter and frame with closing cylinder. Depending on the powder and customer requirements, the die can be pulled out of the pressure vessel after each press cycle or remain there.

These presses also have a modular structure and are tailored to the respective customer. Thus the press can be defined between various press pressures and component sizes within a certain framework.

Various possibilities can be chosen for the options. We have developed special filling devices, for example for PTFE, carbide, medical devices etc., since every industry has its own requirements. A wide variety of possibilities and expansion stages have also been realised in the areas of quality control and further processing of the parts. Talk to us: We will find a solution!

Parts can be produced with high precision thanks to the especially developed hydraulics and electronics.