Frey & Co. GmbH was founded in Lenggries by Dieter Frey in 1989.
Building adapters and tools for powder metallurgy has been our calling for many years. We began with the development and construction of isostatic press process machines and systems in 1991.
Today we have 35 employees working mainly in design, fabrication and assembly. Our export quota is about 80%.
Our systems are in use around the world. We therefore cooperate with the companies EPSI and Dorst in order to guarantee competent, professional maintenance and fast assistance when needed.
Some of our employees were involved with powder metallurgy even before coming to work for us, and have extensive knowledge especially in the design of tools and adapters and the development of machines. Since customers at home and abroad are always coming to us with novel challenges, most systems are new developments with a high degree of automation. That means we not only design and develop machines and tools, but also all peripherals such as material feeding and handling of the pressed parts as well as conveying technology for the sinter plates.
In order to rise to the challenges of our customers in the coming years, we pursue internal development and, in cooperation with universities and research institutions, develop new manufacturing methods to produce products more cost-effectively.

Our machines are used in...
...the dental industry to produce implants and dental bridges made of zirconium oxide
...medical technology to produce knee and ankle joints made of zirconium oxide or aluminium oxide
...the automobile industry to produce gear wheels, oil pump gears and clutch members made of iron powder
...the electronics industry to produce electronic components, substrates and magnet cores
...and many other fields


Founding of Frey GmbH

Development of powder metallurgy machines, adapters and tools


Machines for the isostatic press process


Cooperation with E.P.S.I.

Start of cooperation with EPSI in the development of high-pressure systems


Cooperation with Ruhr University Bochum

Start of cooperation with Ruhr University Bochum in the field of short-term sintering development


EasyISO with servo pump drive


Development of the resource-conserving servo pump drive


Cooperation with Dorst Technologies

Start of cooperation with Dorst Technologies in the area of sales and service for the servomotor hydraulic drive


Modular building-block system

Development of a modular building-block system for powder metallurgy